Strengthen brand construction, shape the cutting-edge brand buggies

Dec. 14, 2022

On Oct 20, 2022, Hebei Jinmingchen Bike Industry Co.,Ltd held a development conference with the theme of "Promoting brand development". Through the communication between the Marketing Department and the company's board of directors, That have provides theoretical support and ideological guidance for the development of the company and the brand.

Since our company establishment, It has been committed to the design, development and production of children's bicycles. And we always take "Creating high-quality buggies for children" as our company philosophy, and "Let every child have a healthy and happy childhood" as our tenet. We continue to produce better quality strollers,and we are committed to become China's stroller industry leader.

Strengthen brand construction, shape the cutting-edge brand buggies

Baby swing car

The chairman of swing car said at the meeting: Frist, the new category should not only have the product quality as the foundation, but also have the potential demanded basis. And the new category needs the sales channel as the support, so as to ensure the new category to gain a firm foothold in the market. Second,the development of new products must have enough supporting point to support it. Regarding the new category, we need to find the fulcrum based on "novel form, different content and distinct theme" for it. For example: according to the social status quo, industry status quo, enterprise status quo, consumer demand status quo and development trend, we put forward a new category of twister car. With swing car as the center, we are bold and innovative in dealing with dealer relations, and regard dealers as "career elements", When we get strong support from dealers. That will affecting the whole buggy industry.

The general manager of the swing car said: the name of the new category must have "height" and "breadth", and broad mind which can bring the beneficial resources in the future brand development process together, which effectively promotes the benign development of the brand. In addition, in the publicity, Qitong Twister must achieves "Fast propagating "that quickly form an effective communication force are able to quickly reach the target audience. And this lay a solid cognitive foundation for the development and leap of the brand.

"The rise of a brand cannot only depend on publicity and communication alone, but also the fundamental construction of the enterprise, otherwise it is bound to be futile."

Strengthen brand construction, shape the cutting-edge brand buggies